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Customs Information

Regulations By Grenada Customs



Licensed firearms must be declared. A local license can be obtained from the police.

Passenger Declarations


All persons entering the country are required by law to declare to Customs anything contained in their baggage, or carried with them, which has been obtained outside of Grenada.

Passengers are also required to answer all questions asked by the Customs Officer relating to their travels, baggage, its contents and other items being imported.

The combined Immigration/Customs declaration forms are distributed at ports of entry and exit, airline and ships agents, and their offices. It is advisable to fill out your declaration in advance of
your arrival in order to expedite Immigration and Customs clearances.

Passengers are asked to be honest when filling the declarations and co-operative with the customs baggage officers.

Misinformation can result in delays and penalties.

Duty-Free Allowances to Passengers

Tobacco Goods

200 Cigarettes or

50 Cigars or

250 Grams of Tobacco


1 Liter of Wine or

1 Liter of Spirits

Perfumed Spirits

10 Fluid Ounces

Other Goods

To the value of EC$300.00 

No Relief Shall Be Afforded To


Any person who enters Grenada after an absence there from of less than twenty-four (24) hours.


Any person under the age of eighteen (18) years in respect of spirits (other than perfumed spirits), tobacco goods or wine

No Relief

No relief shall be granted if the articles are brought in to be used for any commercial purposes

Customs Channels at Maurice Bishop International Airport

Red Channel

Goods to Declare

Green Channel

Nothing to Declare


You should choose the Red Channel (goods to declare) if you:

• Have to pay taxes on goods you are bringing in• Have to fulfill customs formalities
• Are not sure whether you have to declare something

You should choose the Green Channel (nothing to declare) if you:

• Do not have to pay taxes on goods you are bringing in
• Do not have to fulfill customs formalities
• Are not carrying goods that are forbidden in Grenada
• Are not carrying goods to which restrictions apply in Grenada